The UPGRADED 2019 Premium Starter Kit

The last time the Young Living Premium Starter Kit was updated was in 2015, it was an exciting time! That kit has served us SO WELL a first introduction to the oily lifestyle. It has helped get oils into SO many new homes. 

And now in 2019, kit is changing again! 
This time, it's a HUGE UPGRADE
The price of the kit has increased $5, but Young Living has added $90 worth of MORE products!!!

Back in 2015, Valor and Peace & Calming, two of Young Living's most famous and sought-after oils, were removed from the kit due to sourcing issues and sustainable, ethical farming practices. 

In 2019, THEY'RE BACK!

If you're new to these oils, here's a little bit about them:


- A blend of some fancy, expensive oils (& a great way to get your daily Frankincense in for cheap!)
- It's one of the most popular scents. 
- Referred to as a "chiropractor in a bottle" because of the support it provides for our bodies and minds
- Promotes LESS snoring by putting 1 drop on the big toe!
- Promotes feelings of bravery. We all get scared or anxious sometimes, this is an oil for EVERYONE! Mamas, this one is awesome diffused at night for kids who struggle with fear at bedtime...also think: first day of school, dance recital, big soccer game, test-taking days, trying something for the first time, airplane flights, new daycare or church nurseries, anything where an anxious heart could use a little help.
- Helps with occasional soreness! Runners, swimmers, pogo-stick jumpers, this one's for you. Add it to some PanAway and's SO good.
- This oil is a beautiful blue color & looks so neat when used in a clear roller bottle (click on "get crafty" at the top of this site for recipes)



- A gentle, sweet blend of Ylang Ylang, Orange, Tangerine, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy
- Diffuse this oil to freshen the air, especially in rooms where children play or study
- Apply to the bottom of feet before bed as part of a bedtime ritual for your whole family
- Dilute for a calming back massage before naps or bed
- Add 4-5 drops to 1 cup Epsom salt for a calming bath at the start of the day or as part of an evening routine
- Add to Young Living Bath & Shower Gel Base for a cleanser your entire family will love



In addition to those Peach & Calming and Valor Oil Blends, the upgraded 2019 Premium Starter Kit also includes some extra goodies!

- It has a newly designed outer sleeve
- New tray that folds into a neat design and can stand
- Copaiba was removed due to supply restraints. (took away ONE oil, replaced it with TWO rockstar oils -- yep, we'll take it!)
- Citrus Fresh Oil Blend is now included as a vitality oil
- Underneath your oil tray, there is now a Thieves Hand Purifier with the Ningxia Packets, Thieves Cleaner Sample AND Stress Away. Also underneath the tray of oils is TWO roller fitments and the Peace & Calming.
- Also now included is a New lifestyle booklet to get new members started off on the right track! You are going to LOVE this publication!!

With the new design of the kit, extra goodies and adding the elite Valor and Peace & Calming (giving you now 12 oils in the kit), that's an increased value of $90!!! 
Total, the kit is now worth over $400.

ALL THAT EXTRA VALUE, and the price is only increasing $5.
Price of the new kit: $165!!! 

Ready to grab your upgraded 2019 Premium Starter Kit? 
Message me for more details, 
I'll be with you every step of the way!

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